The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Dressing for Thanksgiving

Red Matte Chanel Lipstick (click here), Romwe Cape-shawl Light Tan Coat (click here), Personalized Name Necklace (click here), Louis Vuitton Alma Bag, Zara Shoes (similar click here)

Gluten-free tip. Come Thursday you’ll be dining with family and friends for Thanksgiving. Don’t panic girls. I know you might be out of time to think for something to wear. You want to be pleasing. You want to look beautiful. You don’t want to look unprepared. That’s why I’ll like to come in rescue for you. When I pick clothes to wear, I normally start with a theme and then pick a color that resonates the event. You might think of keywords like – holiday or Turkey.  Since, Thanksgiving is the start of the festive season, hence you can associate red for the holiday and tan for Turkey. You don’t need to be a fashion or food expert to know that – right? Then, you can start picking pieces to put together as your official outfit for the family dinner. Here’s a very simple dressing proposal: 1.)red lipstick 2.) tan coat 3.) red shoes 4. brown sweater 5. plaid skirt 6.) brown bag and 7.) silver necklace. I suggest wear at least one of your most personal accessory. It’s a family and friends gathering, there’s no need to be too dressy or too accessorized!  It’s the time of the year to be with your loveones, you don’t want to wear a sequenced dress while mashing potatoes! Try that and you may thank me later how you pop on those colors and enjoy a great bonding time!

Give thanks. That’s the magic word! Life is most of the time very fast phased that we forget to say “thank you.” We live in a modern world where we tried to work as much hours as we can to advance our careers and to provide for people that we love. Let me also say Thank You for your continues support and for sparing me your time just to read this post. I hope that you will have a memorable Thankgiving party on Thursday. Take this exclusive code: Thanksgiving15% that you can use sitewide on Romwe until 5th of December. You can save Eur 12, 77 for the tan coat and enjoy free-shipping if you shop on Sephora for your cosmetic needs. I hope that you like this simple thank you gesture as a form of my way to also celebrate this holiday with you. Even if I am in Italy but to all my readers who will be celebrating, I am with you in spirit. If you like this post, please give it a google + or a Facebook Like. This might be helpful to the next person who reads this or just to let me know that you passed by. Now, are you ready for the Super Bowl?

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