Margot Jewelry in a Christmas Music Box

Poinsettia – the last word you heard before the school bell rings. That’s the Christmas flower. Between the pages of an old worn-out book you inserted a  Poinsettia that you picked along your way home. You left the book on a shelf and forget about it for days.  One eve the book fell down the floor along with this red blossom with yellow filament.  Then you remember about the school project. The Christmas card.  The next day, you got an A+  for having the brightest idea for adding a decorative pressed flower on a greeting’s card. Did this happened to you? I got the same experience many years ago. While flowers are normally displayed to decorate a home. They can also be used as additions to cards and jewelries. 
Margot Real Flower Jewelry. Last weekend I was invited on a private viewing of Margot Jewelries. Laura Vedani who owns and designs the collection told me that the brand’s theme is all centered on flowers and leaves. However, they don’t undergo the old schooled way of pressing. They were treated on a special procedure and resin to render them waterproof and durable for a very long time. Each bijoux passed a very delicate method on the hands of Venezian goldsmiths of Murano. That’s why every piece is different from the other making them more natural and wild in nature. Natural pearls and semi-precious stones were also used. I love every piece. I can’t almost select a favorite. But the gold plated necklaces with bottled pendants really caught my attention. The pewter cap is like a fairy bottle. I can recall the Victorian era where they carry their essential oils and perfumes in an oil pendant. Thus, making this whole concept more penchant as perfume and more magical as the fairy stories. In fact, I can’t stop being curious and poignant. That the minute I saw the charming pendants, some music box keeps ringing on the back of my mind. And that’s the birth of the video I created that was captured by my phone. I hope you liked it. Being timely as it is, Christmas is already on the door. Soon, we can hear the carols and see the Christmas trees everywhere in the city. Had you already thought of putting something special under your Christmas trees?  One of these accessories should go on your presents. Margot is currently on special holiday prize, if you are interested you can contact the designer here. I am sure that special someone who will received this gift will feel very happy and special. As the process of making each piece of this jewelry was gratified with delicateness and love for natural materials. 
Sweet flower petals.  I won’t keep under wraps that I am also crushing on the petal pearl earrings and the bracelet and necklace. They look like sweet pearl heirlooms that you can pass-on someday.  The violet earrings are irresistible, too!  These flower jewels are really making me numbed right now. They seemed to have whisked some fairy magic dust on me. Whilst, I will just carry it on dreamland. Colorful winter petals that are whispering music to my ears and making my eyes sleep. Goodnight. You know I wrote it last night. Wake me up by 8am!

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