FREE. 10 Holiday Make-up Ideas You Can Copy

Which holiday make-up idea are you likely to do?

Quale idea di trucco sei in grado di fare?

1.Golden Eyebrow 2. Silver Eyeshadow 3. Manish Arora Eyeline 4.Elongated Eyelashes 5.Pink Blush Face 6. Oil Free & Matte Finish Foundation 7. Loose Powder Make-up 8. Red Lip-liner 9. Red Lips 10. Sparkling Nails

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1.Golden Eyebrow 
N°10 Blond Clair Agua Brow (click here€24,00
 Goldie Rocks Glitter Glaze (click here€20,90
N°1 Doré Make-up Forever Paillettes (click here)€14,90

 2. Silver Eyeshadow
001 Lune Dior Fusion Eyeshadow (click here€27,90
Estēe Lauder Steele Pure Color Eyeshadow (click here€23,00

3. Manish Arora Eyeline

Dior 94 Noir Style Liner (click here€29,00
Clarins 01 Black Instant Eyeliner (click here€21,90

4.Elongated Eyelashes 

Diorshow Blackout (click here€27,90
DiorShow Iconic 090 Noir (click here€29,50

 5.Pink Blush Face
Diorblush 846-Lucky Pink (click here€38,00
Clarins Blush Prodige 01 Lovely Rose (click here€20,00

6. Oil Free & Matte Finish Foundation 
Diorskin Nude (click here€41,50
Clinique Superbalanced Make-up (click here€30,00

7. Loose Powder Make-up 
Diorskin Nude Tan (click here€46,50
bareMinerals Mineral Veil (click here€24,90

8. Red Lip-liner 
Dior 999-Rouge Dior (click here€21,50
Yves Saint Laurent Dessin des Lèvres N°19 (click here€20,00

9. Classic Red Lips 
Diorific 014 Rouge Dolce Vita (click here€30,90
Nars Heat Wave (click here€26,00
Nars Manhunt (click here€26,00
Make-up Forever Rouge Artist Intense 
N°43 Moulin Rouge (click here)€23,90

10. Sparkling Nails
Dior Flying Base (click here€21,00
Dior Sparkling Gold (click here€21,00
Dior Sparkling Black (click here€21,00
Urban Decay Nail Polish Kit (click here€24,90
Sephora Nail Designer effetto 3D (click here€8,90

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