Top 10 Best Bags of 2013

Bags of 2013

Ladies, we now come to the final judgement of the Best Bags of 2013!I know, the one’s you thought might be on the list, or some might not be. It would be unfair to judge a bag, I haven’t worn or tested. Just like saying, “the cake taste good but haven’t eaten it.” So, let’s get started. I categorized these bags into two: 1.) colored and 2.) neutral colors. 

For colored bags mostly used for spring & summer: 
  • color: red, blue, transparent and silver were versatile colors
  • texture: printed canvas, logo embossed and sewn logo
  • structure: winged, tote, bucket and enveloped

For neutral bags that can be used year-round 

and also for autumn & winter:

  • color: checkered brown, cream, cognac, leopard & black
  • texture: Damier Ebène canvas, safiano, tanned & supple leather
  • structure: Alma Bridge, Miss Sicily, winged, bucket & golf bag

I always say, different strokes for different folks. Some bags you may like some, no. But, I whole heartedly love all of these. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. Simply because I worked and saved hard to have them. 

If I may leave you with golden rules on purchasing bags: 

  • Can I use this bag color the whole year?
  • Will the materials survive the test of time?
  • Is this iconic enough to wear for a lifetime?

Hang-on there and now I will be revealing my top 10 best bags of 2013, after the jump…

Which among the top 10 bags you like?

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N°10 | Coccinelle Pochette & Transparent Bibi Bag
  • Coccinelle pochette were massively made in different colors. If you haven’t have one yet, it’s a grab. The black version is also a must-have. (click, HERE)
  • The leather material is impeccable. Made in Italy & not so costly. 
  • Since you can change your pochette color as many times as you can. You can opt for this transparent bag, which also looks like a Hermes envelop bag. 
  • It’s a fun bag that you can dress-up. A beautiful arm candy for spring and summer. (click, HERE)

N°9 | Gianlisa Mini Debbie Bag
  • If you are going for a leather speedy bag – this is it.
  • Multi-functional, multi-faceted bag. 
  • Best for travel, shopping and everyday bag.
  • I love the supple leather and the structure of this bag.
  • One of the bags to have in a lifetime. The black version, which has a rock-chic vibe is also on my list. (click, HERE)

N°8 | Manzur Gavriel Bucket Bag 
  • Edgy and off-model look. Two keywords to describe this bag.
  • Think of a Christian Louboutin shoes, this is the bag version.
  • Designed in New York and made in Italy. 
  • Emerging designers, but the bag has never been on sale and got sold-out immediately. So happy, to have gotten this one! (click, HERE) Also check-out this bucket bag by Saint Laurent. (click, HERE)

N°7 | Dolce & Gabbana Bucket Bag
  • Perfect for summer & spring.
  • Original & unique print on canvass. 
  • Elegant & class look. Immediately you will feel the mediterranean vibe wearing this bag.
  • Best worn on a summer day. Best souvenir of SS13! 

N°6 | Yves Saint Laurent Bag 
  • Best for evening and holiday wear like Christmas & New Year
  • You can wear this whole-year-round
  • Also best for fashion and launching events
  • Very iconic hand sewn logo
  • If you are carrying this, no need to bring a wallet. It has many pockets to house your cards. 
  • Saint Laurent, for experience has a very luxurious and soft leather material among all bag brands. Their Italian leather tanneries are the best. I don’t know how they do that but I really adore their craftsmanship. Two thumps-up! Check-out the Saint Laurent monogram tassel bag, it’s selling like hotcakes! (click, HERE)

N°5 | Micheal Kors Selma Bag 

  • Structured winged bag in luxurious cream safiano leather
  • Multi-functional and with double handle to look elegant.
  • It also comes with an adjustable strap if you want to be hands-free, if you’re traveling or shopping.
  • One of the best medium-sized bag to carry around.
  • Best feature of this bag is the gold-hardware logo. All other hardwares were Micheal Kors engraved.
  • Very iconic bag, a bit similar to Valentino rock stud bag. Which makes me think of a large black Valentino rock stud shopper. (click, HERE) It’s like shooting two birds with one stone! Go for this Selma white bag. (click, HERE)

N°4 | Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag

  • Just like it’s origin, Miss Sicily is a grandeur of beauty. This one comes in petite version! A perfect mini-bag!
  • Exotic looking in leopard-print leather.
  • Gold colored metal hardwares and a Dolce and Gabbana logo in gold tone plaque.
  • Best of both worlds, either in brown or black! (click, HERE)

N°3 | Givenchy Antigona Bag

  • This bag is a pure winner! My review about this bag is the most googled by unique visitors. 
  • Loved, most photographed among celebrities & bloggers
  • I predict that this iconic bag will continue to be in demand in the bag market. (click, HERE)

N°2 | Gucci Tote Bag
  • One of the best bags, I enjoyed the whole summer. I occasionally wear it on spring & winter.
  • Spacious that you can bring everything you need, including a laptop, etc. 
  • It has interior zip with smart phone pockets to secure wallet and important belongings
  • Red nylon Guccissima with cuir color leather trim and embossed Gucci leather tab detail
  • But most of all, it’s a 100% made in Italy, which normally is what I am looking for. Made in Italy products are guided by the principle of “ben fatto” and “fatto a mano” which means “made well” and “handmade.” (click, HERE)

N°1 | Louis Vuitton Alma BB Bag

  • Very personal bag with initials
  • Most structured LV bag designed by Gaston Vuitton, which he named after the Alma Bridge. A bridge that connects two fashionable Parisian neighborhood. 
  • Signatured Damier Ebène canvas
  • Multi-functional with double handle & an adjustable strap
  • That’s why it’s No.1 on my list!

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