2015 Breaking Trends on Men White Tradeshow

Mango pinstripe blazer (click,HERE) and trousers (click, HERE), white tank top (try, THIS), Chanel brooch, Lolita Milano leather Oxford shoes (click, HERE) and Gucci tote bag (try this rose color for spring, HERE)

What to wear for a Men Collection Tradeshow?

  • classic pinstripe suit  – which consists of a blazer & trouser 
  • white shirt  – for a clean underneath clothe & to compliment the the suit’s chalk-like print
  • Oxford shoes – a classic men bespoke shoes which are also called brogues with great leather uppers that gives a more masculine-feel
  • tote bag – I like to carry this bag to put everything I need including my camera and to put the catalogues and press kit after the show – newest in on my closet.
  • brooch – I am more and more in love of accessorizing less, especially a brooch that’s captivating as this.

Masculine and minimal. I am trying to work around these keywords, as you know this week has been the A/W Men’s Milan Fashion Week. Last Saturday, I had the chance to view the up and coming trends and brands to break for the next season at the White Tradeshow. I like the idea that you are the first to see who are the next Designers to get familiar with and what trends to expect for next year. I remember my Shoe Collection Course teacher suggesting to go to these big fashion fairs.  Not only to see something new but also to self-learn how the products were manufactured and distributed before being consumed by the market. It’s educational and as well as enjoyable to see what are the newest prints are there to watch-out for, the leather textures, the different shades of colors and new innovations for 2015. 

What trend for 2015 do you like? What can you say about the outfit I wore?

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Come vestirsi per una fiera di Collezione Uomo?

  • classico abito gessato – che consiste in una giacca ei pantaloni
  • camicia bianca – per un look pulito e per complimentarmi il gesso, come la stampa del abito
  • Scarpe Oxford – un classico da uomo su misura le scarpe che sono anche chiamati brogues con grandi tomaia in pelle che dà un impressione più maschile 
  • tote bag – mi piace di portare questa borsa a mettere tutto che ho bisogno compresa la mia macchina fotografica e di mettere i cataloghi e cartella stampa dopo lo show – nuovo in sul ​​mio armadio .
  • spilla – sono sempre più innamorato di accessorizing meno, soprattutto una spilla che è accattivante come questo.

Maschile e minimale. Ovviamente, le parole d’ordine, come sapete questa settimana è stata la settimana della moda maschile A/I a Milano. Sabato scorso, ho avuto la possibilità di vedere le tendenze e marche per la prossima stagione presso la White Tradeshow. Mi piace l’ idea che tu sei il primo a vedere chi sono i prossimi  stilisti e cosa aspettarsi per l’anno prossimo. Ricordo che il mio insegnante dal Shoe Collection Course ha suggerito di andare a questi grandi fiere di moda. Non solo per vedere qualcosa di nuovo, ma anche di imparare da sola come i prodotti sono stati realizzati e distribuiti prima di essere consumato dal mercato. Ed educativo e così come piacevole da vedere primo  che cosa la nuova stampa, come sono gli struttura di pelle, le sfumature dei colori ed innovazioni per 2015.

Quale tendenza per 2015 che ti piace? Cosa ne deci del look che ho indossato?

Latest video from my instagram @themilanomode that I shared on my youtube channel. Do you like this kind of videos? 

TRENDS | to break by 2015

  • the use of wood material as main element of the brand
  • 100% natural wood hypoallergenic splash proof handmade polarized lenses on sunglasses
  • natural bamboo keyboard with laser engraved keypads & wireless mouse
  • sleek iPhone case & wooden sound amplifier with bluetooth 

Double Trouble

TRENDS | to break by 2015

  • bespoke men’s shoe upper with rubber soles, they’re also unisex
  • uppers were made of high quality leather material or classic bandana print
  • with young, trendy professional & student vibes

TRENDS | to break by 2015

  • all natural avant-garde concept with clean lines
  • unique cross-over between fashion & ecological awareness seen on the raw materials like fig, tree bark from Uganda, combined by rubber from the Amazon & crafted in Italy
  • monotone, young and comfortable look for balanced future

W.J. DAWOS & Co.

TRENDS | to break by 2015

  • classic & legendary especially worn by former US President John F. Kennedy, like the shoe model seen below
  • vintage & also worn-out looking shoes which gives character & personality to the one wearing it
  • exotic leather and custom-made shoes will still dominate because it’s personalized for the customer & comfort/size driven

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