The Dandy Boy, The Dandy Girl

Uniform: Zara blazer (click, HERE), Zara shirt (click,HERE), fine wool vest bought during my vacation in Como, vintage Burberry plaid skirt  and love this pleated skirt from Peter Pilotto (click, HERE) and Lolita Milano shoes you can try this pair from Robert Clergerie (click, HERE)

On Social Dandy-ism and Valextra Uomo 2014-2015

Debonaire. Well-dressed. Well-mannered. While the Urban dictionary will define an image of a man in the late 20th century England synonymous to these. I find it quiet entertaining to compare it to the modern “Dandy Boy” concept which will be the hailing protagonist for Man Autumn-Winter 2014-2015. Once upon a time, Oscar Wilde’s plays were characterized by Dandies and perhaps, he was the perfect  epitome of a Dandy. That’s why to channel that urban dressing I thought of wearing this classic English school girl look. A complete look that somehow resonates a community of people that can be interlink to inclusivity, uniform and being prim and proper. Whilst being “polished” had somehow connotes negativity like the mean girls of “Ja’mie: Private School Girl” by Chris Lilley or the “Cruel Intentions” of Sarah Michele Gellar. But people, please allow me to just focus on the positive side of it. After all, I would only like to stress the way of dressing in the ideology of being “Dandy.” If you had seen the latest Luisaviaroma Event where the bloggers dined at the gentlemen’s club of Florence’s Circolo dell’Unione. It’s a clear sign that the new image of men’s fashion is having that exclusive circle of friends, wanting to be identified on that group but not forgetting to enjoy the high fashion of wearing made-to-measure suits with rich fabric and aesthetically fine texture. Stella Jean who’s now known to be Giorgio Armani’s protégé recently launched her runway show at Pitti Uomo showcasing this trend. I like the idea of her wax fabrics with unusual geometric and vibrant prints. Also highlighting that it’s not only women who like to accessorize by nature – so as men. Which include giving an avant-garde twist on Sir Phileas Fogg’s travel bag, bespoke shoes and handmade Italian textiles on scarves and hankies.  Speaking of accessories, I had the chance to be accommodated during the presentation of Valextra Uomo 2014-2015 at their flagship store in Via Manzoni. You can scroll more photos below to see their young working, digital and well-travelled man concept who also embrace colors and multifunctional bags and small leather goods. Learning more about the culture of a brand, of them creating their own trend and identity and how their public can wear them are some inspiring notes to write on my book today. Surely, I’ll try to create more pages on it. 

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Valextra Uomo 2014 -2015

  • Valextra this year presents their good taste and elegance interpreted on their suit cases; for young professionals
  • Them giving character and personality to men carrying their luggages and week-end bags; for a globe trotters & travelers
  • And them creating a well-organized compartment through the use of their small leather goods not limiting to iPhone and iPad cases but also on pouches; for tech-lovers and the like.

For Work:
  • The Sherlock Holmes bag closure with three lockets is quiet amusing for me. Borrowing this lock idea from the fictional character of a consulting detective whose famous for his great talent to disguise and yet possessing a logical reasoning ability. Talk about “A Game of Shadows” and I am sure the lock comes with a combination – of course for security.
  • Sleek white bags for clean look, which seems to classify a man who belongs to the working mass. A technology loving man who works paperless with the use of laptops or blackberries.
  • Particular handles and secure hardwares are the main features of these bags, to reflect a secure and manly character of the one wearing it.  

For Travel:
  • Remaining true to their iconic pieces, you can still find their legendary luggages in white and dark brown versions.
  • While I am extremely in love with their weekend bags that can provide room for a portable computer, gadgets and clothes for 2-3 days out-of-town. 
  • And I have to satisfy my love for detail just by looking at their zip-holder used to lock the bags.

For Small Leather Goods:

  • Emphasizing on quality instead of quantity. I love the idea of bringing small leather goods that are multifunctional. Instead of bringing many things, you can only bring one thing to carry your business cards, checks, bills like their card holders on the third photo.
  • But I also don’t mind carrying a small card holder, like the first photo. They told me that if you want to have this kind of card holder, it comes with a personalized printed cards – if ever you like.
  • Blue, black and brown are oftentimes the colors I see men wearing. But for this collection they also included white and pink colored leathers using the unique cow-leather by Valextra for an urbanized and metrosexual men. 
  • Timeless. Being an owner of a Valextra key holder, same on photo n° three below, I can honestly say that these pieces are timeless. It was a gift that I received five years ago and until now, it still is untarnish.
  • One new design that I saw was this sunglass holder. One that is made for an aviator or big lens sunglasses. 
  • And when you want your bag to be in order, you can just slip  your “piccola pelleteria” in one pouch and head to work, fun or travel. 
Happy reading & see you soon – R.

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