Untold Friendship of Marion Pike & Gabriel Chanel

A day at the Museum: Zara plaid scarf (click,HERE), Rose knitwear from Aupie.com, Only March leather skirt from Zalando.it (click,HERE), H&M tights (same, HERE), Superga trainers love this velvet version, too (click, HERE), Casio Watch (click, HERE) & Louis Vuitton Alma Bag.

A Story of Friendship: Coco Chanel’s Portraits by Marion Pike 

Via Bagutta 24 – The unpredictable Milanaise weather just made me want to wrap myself in this plaid scarf that somehow transformed as a winter comforter when sitting at a couch at home. I am glad this rose turtleneck knit and leather skirt arrived at my doorsteps. So, I only have to wear that thick tights I bought at H&M and put on that Superga trainers I bought online and off I go to the exhibition.  Marion Pike, a Californian Artist and Coco Chanel could had not met. It was producer Freddy Brisson, who was the common friend of both women insisted that they meet. Brisson set-up on the afternoon of 1960 at 31 Rue Cambon for these women to meet. At first Chanel, never even set her eyes on Pike and the later started sketching her and after an hour Chanel went to her and saw her painting. She said that Pike had the hand of an artist and wrapped her scarf to her and told her that it’s a start of their friendship. Pike’s friendship with Chanel was never told until Amy de la Haye, a Professor at London College of Fashion mentioned Pike at her book. Which eventually lead to her daughter, Jeffie Durham Pike to contact de la Haye. Both decided to gather all the letters, photos and memorabilia for an exhibition. One of the first exhibition was held at London College of Fashion and you can still see it in Milan at Palazzo Morando, Costume Moda  Immagine with a free entrance at Via Bagutta 24 until 2 March 2014. You will also have the chance to see the dresses made by Chanel for Pike and her daughter, so as the scarf wrapped by Chanel at Pike – the first time they meet. The scarf is like a bond of friendship. An artistic friendship formed between 1967 to 1971, that although not been heard but deserves to be told.


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Interview with Jeffie Pike Durham;
 daughter of Marion Pike artist/friend of Coco Chanel

Happy reading & see you soon – R.

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