Heathers at the Balcony

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Heather Blooms in the Cold of Winter

It’s Monday again. How I wish it’s the third day of a weekend! Like any soul, you just want to just hug the pillow and stay on your bed. But. Tick. Tack. Tick. Tack. There are things to be done. The Jasmine green tea is boiling. I’ll squeeze the lemon on it, instead of dropping a couple of slices. I close my eyes, slowly sipping the hot tea while looking at the window examining the neighbor’s rooftop if the heavens poured rain or snow on it. The Roman roof tiles look clean of dust and seemingly redder that before. You know that it rained last night. While you desire for sunshine to kiss your face when you wake-up, you console yourself that it won’t be happening sooner. It’s the last of winter and the start of spring. The world outside still looks pale and the figs hanging on the walls are still brown. But you look down at the balcony of the palazzo, and like any person loosing hope, you find it leisurely gripping to you. At first, you thought they’re called violets, they aren’t. Heathers. Their little blooms that look like little bells, made you realize that there’s a tint of pink to start a cold day. Then you smiled. Hope springs on places . . . where you least expect them to be. Let’s start the week right and hit the ground running!


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13 thoughts on “Heathers at the Balcony

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