In the Corner of a Street

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Milan City Guide: Culture

Via Sant’ Andrea 6 –  Going totally local is the best way to live and enjoy the Milanaise life. I have been thinking for quiet a long time to write this. As you know, I have been living here for over four years and discovering places of my interest makes me understand the people and the city I live in. Remember the article I wrote, WHERE TO SHOP FOR VINTAGE IN MILAN?, many of you like it. Perhaps, in the future I will show more of my city. Anyhow, I’ld like to share to you this beautiful experience looking at the photos of Arnaldo Chierichetti between the late 1700 to the early 1900. If you are in town you can still see it until 13th February and they are also open on Sundays. It’sa free entrance. You can take the underground MM1 San Babila or MM3 Montenapoleone or Tram 1 or 2 and Bus 94. Mr. Chierichetti, was an extraordinary man who combined business with his passion for photography and his love for the city of Milan. This exhibition is a black and white story of the life of Milanaise people between two world wars. That long time ago without much technology, they too had created a very compelling social life. This was the time of Navigli, recalling the typical daily life in the city. How laborers of the railway work, how men in collars dress-up for work, how housewives wear their foulards at the markets and how interesting a little boy would look on his stripe shirt, pants with suspenders oddly praying for his small hat not to be blown away by the wind and yet holding tightly to his bag…with bare feet covered by the dust of time. The cultural aesthetics of the past had given me an unexplained shiver as I gripped firmly on my pinstriped coat. That although revolutionary, but its small alleys, the silent flowing canals and the cobbled streets had a lot of charms that remain until now. This city is like an onion. As you peel each corner of the street, you want to keep going. And as you peel it off one layer at a time, sometimes you weep with joy!

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Photo credits to Mostra Milano Tra Due Guerre
The development of manual cameras since the 
early 1700s and some photos of the exhibition that I took.
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