What Does the Fox Say?

Whood Brooklyn Sunnies (click, HERE), I Love Milan t-shirt (bought at the local souvernir store), Roberto Cavalli bag, Zara jacket and slip-ons, Mango jeans, red matte Chanel lipstick (click,HERE).
It’s Officially Spring!

I am currently hook together with the rest of 370 million viewers on youtube, on this Norwegian band Ylvis who sang “The Fox.” I am sure you know the song. Some say that the hit comes from an idea “that’s it’s so stupid smart.” But I say the idea is so new, so fresh and who amongst us could have thought of asking – what does the fox say?  Anyhow, I brought up this to the discussion board since my level of fondness to the band can be paralleled to my approbation with idea of this brand that I discovered during the White Tradeshow – remember this? Whood Brooklyn is among the Italian brands who’s going to set trends for the next season – good thing you know it here first. It comes from the Brooklyn slang of hood (neighborhood) and wood as the prime material of all its products from eyewear, watches, phone cases and other technology gadgets. That’s why it’s called Whood Brooklyn. Thanks God, it’s officially spring and we could finally feel a warmer weather and enjoy outdoor. But you know it’s hard to look around with a bare eye.  We have been whimsy about the dark winter in the last four months, so I guess in order not to shock our eyes on the bright sun rays you can try protecting your eyes by wearing your sunglasses. I already have a pair of reading glasses that my ophthalmologist required me to wear everyday, so I really tried to do my best to be extra careful with my sight since I always bear in mind that my eyes are priceless. That also includes protecting it from the sun. Also, I like to share with you my experience wearing this “Prospery Heights” sunnies. The frame is made from a 100% natural ebony wood coated with a special resin to pass the test of time and as I wear it everyday it has created a special character because of the wood. On personal note, I really love the ebony wood frame since I think, it’s still not existent on the market. If you ask me about the frame, they are hypoallergenic splash proof handmade polarized lenses. And as a lover of environment I support this kind of products that not only give the opportunity to create jobs but also think forward on innovating natural raw materials and translating them into Italian designed must-have pieces. Now, are you ready to answer – What Does the Fox Say?
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