Take My Breath Away – Furla A | W 2014 – 2015

Zara double breasted blazer,  Dior inspired dress bought at Sheclothred matte Chanel lipstick (click,HERE).
Beige Over Wild Rose

Corso Venezia N° 26  –  Riding up an 18th century cage elevator on a modern day is like switching to a black and white ambient of yesteryears. I am quiet a storyteller. I like my experiences told. The Furla Fall-Winter 14-15 was presented at their new showroom in Corso Venezia, in one of these historic palaces still frozen in an old house atmosphere like the brand’s villa in Bologna that houses the company’s headquarters. When the elevator stopped, suddenly I was greeted with this avant-garde and colorful collection that speaks Italian. My favorite were the small bags made with different nuances of pink and red embellished with sheered sheep skin,kid fur and jaguar printed pony. They’re absolutely the bags to watch-out for the next season. But the true protagonist of this collection are the Furla “Alice” and “Twiggy” bags which interpret the Italian tradition of leather work, passion for handcrafted details with modern lines recreating a new take on small satchels. I must also confessed that I can’t stopped looking at this exotic glacé python with gold hardware, there’s some degree of wilder-ness in there. Speaking of wild, I took inspiration of my outfit today from the recent runway – a beige double breasted blazer and wild rose dress. These colors were somewhat dominant colors on the collection we just discussed. From time to time, I don’t mind wearing a bit masculine structured blazer and when you took it off, you’ll melt down with how delicate the fabric and the color of this dress. And of course, this sort of Madame de Pompadour hair!
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outfit inspiration photo from google
enjoy this 1-minute video I made
Lada Arzumanova (Fashion Editor, InFashion  Russia -left)
 Natasha Shishkina (Furla PR-Manager Russia – center) and 
 Djiga Sanzhieva (Fashion Editor, InFashion  Russia – right)
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