Magnolia Flowers and Peter Pilotto Dress

Peter Pilotto dress x Target same silhouette (click,HERE), Stradivarius headband and black shirt, Zara velvet loafers (click,HERE), H&M socks (click,HERE), Coccinelle envelop clutch (click,HERE)and red matte Chanel lipstick (click,HERE). Outfit inspirations on my SHOP
A Walk To Remember
If this is a dream I don’t want to wake-up anymore. Just imagine walking on a sea of Magnolia flowers, with sunrise that kisses your cheeks and a warm spring wind that caresses your hair. Such a priceless indulgence! Milan is a city with renaissance palaces and old churches and discovering a secret spot like this is like finding a beautiful gem. With photos that look like postcards and pink backdrops that turn so magical! It’s so inspiring to see this transformation of the city from grey cold winter to colorful spring. I have waited long for this perfect moment to finally wear this Peter Pilotto x Target dress and I think it’s a charming compliment to my blossoming environment. And I hope this walk will last forever and not so soon. 
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