My Take On Karl’s The Little Black Jacket

Zara black tweed jacket (click,HERE) and shoes (click, HERE), Celine shirt, Gucci belt, Mango trousers (click,HERE) BIBI bag and Louis Vuitton Alma BB bag. Outfit inspirations on my SHOP

My Meeting Outfit

Senza Disagio. It’s not that long that I polished my Italian and I tried my best to learn new words everyday. Senza disagio is a term which means “without discomfort” and the same personal aesthetics that I tried to apply when going for a meeting. I have tried various looks. There are times I feel good and there are times I feel quiet awkward which resulted to a very bad day or bad mood. One needs to learn it the hard way to do it right the next time. After learning on a few mishaps I promised myself to stick to my guts without being so excessive. So, today I build a business look with a pair of good fitting trousers, a statement shirt and a little black jacket. Sometime of April last year, I went to Karl Lagerfeld’s “The Little Black Jacket” show, remember this? After that I went home with an idea. I took to application Karl’s idea of this jacket being paired with any piece – and it didn’t disappoint. It’s like putting to test a simple science experiment and you felt that your hypothesis were true, in this case a fashion experiment. You know what, it gave me a high confidence and aura that my two meetings ended so well. Thanks Karl! Oh boy, you are true of saying that there are things in life that don’t go out of fashion, like a pair of jeans, a white shirt and of course – a little black jacket! What about you, how will you wear a black jacket?

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