SPRING TREND ALERT | 10 Craze Fringe Bags That You Can Own Without Spending Over Your Budget

Under €60 1.Steve Madden Black Bmocha Fringe Crossbody (view,HERE) 2. River Island Black Fringed Tapestry Cross Body Bag (view,HERE)3. Zara Black Leather Dolly Bag with Fringes (view,HERE) 4. Zara Multicolor Leather Messenger Bag with Fringing (view,HERE)
You Move When She Moves
I was feeling a bit sick earlier today but then I bought something online and I felt better now. One of those purchases is a #fringebag and I am dying to show you soon! This bag is the best on runway and even on street styles, since it is a moving bag. The fringes fly with the wind and swing as you move. Just terrific! Since I saw these craze bags during the fashion week, it didn’t got out of my mind. Some sort of a ghost that continue to hunt me, so I finally pulled the trigger and give it a shut. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes. I also included here a few suggestion of fringe bags that you can add to your wardrobe without breaking into your bank account and even save more money. I’ve been wanting a Gucci nouveau bag, which is the mother of all fringe bags for this season. But I think it cost an eye to buy it and after next season there’s another “it” bag that will surface. I would rather be practical and nab an equally beautiful bag and still belong to the popular club – it’s the same banana anyway! 

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Under €60 1. Zara Beige Suede Dolly Bag with Fringe (view,HERE) 2. Steve Madden Blue Bmocha Fringe Crossbody (view,HERE)
Under €70 1. Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply White Fringe Canvas Waist Pack (view,HERE) 2.Asos Orange Leather Cross Body Bag with Embroidery and Fringing (view,HERE)3.Steve Madden Black Bmocha Fringe Crossbody (view,HERE)4.Asos Yellow Leather Duffle Bag with Fringing (view,HERE)

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