Edgy Jewels to Watch-out | Sciumè Accessori

Apart from her resumè being the winner of the recent Vogue Talents, Valentina Sciumè had worked with the best Italian fashion houses like Costume National and Versace. I’ve met her in person several times and she’s really very nice and bubbly. That’s why it reflects to her jewelries named after her last name – Sciumè Accessori. The coming A|W 2014 Collection is all about beams of light and cosmic planetary intersections which surface as crater rock stone minerals that add richness to each piece. I also had the chance to try some of these jewels and they’re so modern, edgy and some sort of je ne sais quois! They’re all handmade by Italian artisans and each piece were made of metal plates in gold and silver palladium. Rigid and sumptuous mirrored by precious details and satin were combined with resins which include facilities for sedimentation of crushed crystals that radiate light. I couldn’t play favorite among the accessories as they all suit my personal aesthetics but were also made to fit the silhouette of a strong and tenacious woman! 

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