At Tod’s x Nendo Envelop Boat Shoe Launching

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 Milan Design Week 2014 and Decoding Oki Sato’s Design Principle

This week the only air that I breath is pure DESIGN. I can’t be more excited to meet in person the architect and designer Oki Sato during the launching of his new take of Tod’s iconic boat shoe. Sato is the founder of the multi-award-winning Japanese design studio called Nendo, established in Milan in 2005. You might agree with me how simple and yet clever idea adding that envelop string on a classic boat shoe that ended-up with an elegant and modern aesthetics but has all the qualities you need like: anti- rust rings, side-slip soles, soft leather and suede waterproof. Sato says, “Is a man’s shoe, designed for the historic Italian brand bags and shoes Tod’s. We chose to combine the two materials for the shoe – soft skin for the mask and suede on the sides and back of the shoe – and connecting visibly the two materials with the strap that you use to close the envelope. A rubber sole, such as those traditionally used in boat shoes, reflects the design of Tod’s, a seam hidden almost invisible emphasizes the softness of the shoe, while a breathable internal network gives lightness. As the envelope that encloses an important letter, sent away to bring happiness to people, we hope that our shoe supports the foot while traveling away, bringing happiness.” Which resulted to a new casual model, created using a mix of suede and soft leathers and this model is available in shades of blue, gray, brown, black and stucco, all with a strap with two silver studs opaque. I hope sooner they can also make a version for women because a pair is really perfect for everyday use and just like finding that perfect shoe and the sensation of opening an envelop, they transports you to exciting surprises in life and takes you to thrilling new adventures!

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