The Kids At Public School

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What type of high school Student are you?
Every young girl in high school wants to be the cheerleader, the Prom Queen or the popular kid at school. Back in the days, although I know deep inside how I love volleyball and softball I am also conscious of the fact that there are other kids who can excel more than me. But that doesn’t stop me from playing basketball, which is my favorite sports. And damn, the good, the bad and the ugly memories of high school are still fresh in my mind. High School is the period of life when you grow to become an adolescent. There are so many changes and experiences that will mold you to either choose to mature as a rebel or a heroine! I am thankful, I discover writing and has then become my outlet to express myself and turned-out to be one. To this day, I just smile walking back memory lane and when I saw this pair of Zara athletic socks that kind of rewinded me of my four years at public high school. The fact is from elementary to college I studied at public schools and I got tired of wearing my usual uniform: a white shirt tucked-in, a well-ironed blue pleated skirt and a pair of shiny black Chinese shoes. Let’s just say it neatly as prim and proper. However, there are times in life that you dress-up picking that crop white shirt, that skimpy denim dungaree and wear that bloody red lipstick – the very things the school principal will likely prohibit. But this styling attempt is just to protest against your past or perhaps the anarchist inside that you failed to do before. After all, you had graduated of high-school and you won’t be called at the guidance counselor’s office if you know what I mean! Simply because public school system doesn’t get everybody, it’s you who you decide to be kid you want to be!
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