Daniele Carlotta’s New Kind of Fringe

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses (click,HERE), Zara tweed coat love this color from Asos (click,HERE) and dress equally pretty as this WhitePepper dress also from Asos (click,HERE), Zara fringe bag (click,HERE), Aldo pony slip-on (click,HERE)and red matte Chanel lipstick (click,HERE). Outfit inspirations on my SHOP
Moving Fashion
Fluid and alive. These are a few results I strive to draw from my photos. The creative process always involves creating that moving image in my mind and eventually bring that into the execution when we shot photos. I always try to compete against myself and raise my barriers to improve. That’s why when the upshots come to a finish, it’s fully rewarding seeing that every detail was achieved. It’s the same thing when I saw the new Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 Collection of Daniele Carlotta. This young Italian designer has an eye for classy and exquisite details. One of my favorite piece is the white jacket with fringe husk and embroidered cordion. Although the shimmering gold silk gowns handcrafted and adorned with paillettes and Swarovski are also to watch-out for! Is there a piece that suits your taste?
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