Fresh of May

Zara embroidered top (click,HERE) with H&M Conscious nude crop -top, Pimkie floral jeans (click,HERE), personalized name necklace from Collana Con Nome, H&M Conscious bracelet (click,HERE), Givenchy watch, yellow sherbet Coccinelle clutch love this black version,too (click,HERE),Mango Birkenstock inspired sandals (click,HEREand red matte Chanel lipstick (click,HERE). Outfit inspirations on my SHOP
Clean Look
Brand-new. Like the smell of a newly ironed clothes or a fresh quizzed lemon juice or the sensation when you wake-up at dawn are just a few things I can compare when I see this outfit. I think the more I got obsessed with an embroidered top the more likely I’ll get an obsessive compulsive disorder for a clean look.  My personal diagnosis to this fetish is simply because white is as immaculate looking as vanilla – don’t you agree? Some shades of grey look better with white, so this floral jeans absolutely compliments the top. Well of course if you are like me who can’t leave the house without any accessories, a watch or a tassel bracelet is perfect. What do you think of a Birken inspired sandals, aren’t they the most practical pair to walk around?
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