Fresh Morning

Mango cardigan (click,HERE), Zara tweed dress (click,HERE)and this is equally pretty one (click,HERE) & bracelet (click,HERE), Stradivarius espadrilles shoes (click,HERE) and H&M bag (click,HERE).
Cream Delights
Clear blue sky. Clouds that form like cotton candies. Wind that blows my hair. And some sunrays that kiss my skin. These are just a few things that I look forward for a fresh morning like a wonderful kickstart for amazing things to happen. This vision has reflected a cream mood board and resulted at today’s outfit. Just by touching the texture of this tweed dress, it gives me a comforting feeling of this mid-season’s spring transition to summer. Of course a good piece of cardigan is all you need in case the temperature progresses to cold. And yes, finally joining the club of espadrilles – I mean who wouldn’t? 
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26 thoughts on “Fresh Morning

  1. i really really really really love this cool and beauty look!
    how can i do?i need to buy one like this for myself,it must be awesome!!!
    you are so nice,and i love you so much
    my dear beautiful girl,kiss,kiss
    wanna be your new friend and following you first
    waiting for your answer

    your love poppy


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