Rosaly Escueta X Sciumè Accessori

Sciumè ring, bracelet & necklace can be purchase at (buy,HERE), Zara white overall, Gianlisa bag, Stradivarius espadrilles, Givenchy watch & Whood Brooklyn sunnies
Women Warriors
Joan of Arc. Xena The Warrior Princess. Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games.  And recently, Daenerys Targaryen of the Game of Thrones are a few of my favorite female warriors that originate from a diaspora of bravery and badass character. I mean who have bones to fight for a common cause and load the arrows and sharpen the swords? It’s the same thing that Sciumè Accessori transmit through it’s jewels – the audacity and strength for a modern woman. I know I had spoken about this brand on my previous post and on the social media. Although my mentions are not enough to justify the charm and yet amazonian character these accessories can bring out of you, one has to wear it to feel it. The same reasons that made me so thrilled and happy about this collaboration translating it into my own individuality and perspective. You can buy the pieces I wore at here. What would be the best way to compliment these silver galvanics than an all white outfit, eh? If you saw the films of these women warriors, at least on real life I don’t need dragons or the mockingjay pin to strike a rebellion but just by wearing these jewels – the force is with me!
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