Weekend Indispensables

1. little white dress (buy,HERE) 2. Marc Jacobs cross body bag (click,HERE) 3. Ray-Ban sunglasses (click,HERE)4. Stila beauty balm with SPF 30 (click,HERE) and 5. Jeffrey Campbell lace espadrilles (click,HERE)

What goes with a little white dress? 

You only need the sun when it’s starts to snow and so as saying you only stop wearing black when you start wearing white. I hope you’ll agree. From white lace dress to white espadrilles to white bag, I’ve been collecting it one by one in preparation for summer vacation. Oh summer, I am so excited for you to come like that feeling when the airplane starts to depart from the runway and off to the skies! Inside the plane, you  can’t stop taking instagram pics of clouds and the view that maybe a sudden announcement of the pilot could make you almost pee on your pants – you know I am kidding! I am sort of experimenting on colors that compliment a white dress. Anyway, aside from white and black had you got any idea that goes with a white dress?


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