5 blogger per 5 mete: scopri come vestire alla moda anche viaggiando

H&M kimono(click,HERE), Mango dress (click,HERE), ToyWatch necklace (click,HERE),Gianlisa Ella bag (click,HERE) and Stradivarius espadrilles(click,HERE)


5 destinations from 5 bloggers: discover how to  dress fashionably while traveling
Ready. Jet-set. Go! Who are super excited for summer vacation, raise your hands?! Well count me in. Traveling frees my soul and enriches my experience. It’s an outpour of mixed emotions discovering new places and cultures. That’s why we spied on five bloggers (well, that includes me) on how to travel with style and their favorite destinations. I am sharing my five travel secrets below so as the other four bloggers. Aside, I would like to breakdown some important points when traveling.  
1.) On my experience it’s important to have a multi-pouch bag that you can open easily to get your travel documents; like passport, id’s and credit cards. 
2.) Of course, make sure to have a fluid itinerary so that you can enjoy the local atmosphere of your destination place. 
3.) To achieve this, plan ahead your travel and your stay using online resources like GoEuro.it to compare ticket prices from all airlines, busses and train transfers and venere.com or airbnb.it , two web sites for your accomodation); to avoid hidden costs and a complete solution to avoid searching for multiple websites during your trip. 
4.) Make sure to arrive two hours before the departure time for domestic and three hours for international flights. 
5.) Another trick I discover when you need your clothes ironed and you don’t have time, you can hang them inside the bathroom while having your shower.  The steam will loosen the fabric of the clothes so once you’re done taking a bath, you can put on your dress right away! Now fasten your seatbelts and we will depart in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….
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1. Rosaly Escueta, Milan Blogger of The Milano Mode|Photojournalist

Favorite Destinations: Berlin, St. Tropez, 
Cannes, Principality of Monaco and Venice 
 Travel Tips:
1. printed kimono 2. long dress 3.neon 
necklace 4. black bag 5. lace espadrilles
2.Shini Park, London Blogger of Park & Cube | Graphic Designer
Favorite Destinations:New York, Paris, Zurich, Seoul & Barcelona
 Travel Tips:
1. monogram trolley and mini bag 2. pastel dress 3. jacket with belt 4. electronic gadgets and headset 5. black and white top and bottom

2. Nicole Warne, Australian Blogger | Founder Gary Pepper Vintage Favorite Destinations: Amalfi Coast,  Florence, Milan, Paris, Menorca Travel Tips: 1. perfumes and beauty products 2. sunglasses 3. three-pocket cross-body bag 4.earrings 5. city guide book

4.Emily Schuman, NY Blogger and founder of Cupcakes and Cashmere
Favorite Destinations: Florence, Malibu, Mexico, Costa Rica & LA
Travel Tips:
 1. laptop 2. keyholder 3. watch 4. passport holder
 and coin purse 5. sunnies and accessories
5. Andy Torres, Amsterdam Blogger of Style Scrapbook | TV Presenter
Favorite DestinationS: Stockholm, 
Antwerp, Milan, Istanbul & Miami
Travel Tips: 
1. headset 2.coffee and cupcakes 3. monogram hand-carry bag 
4. sneakers 5.jeans

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