The Selfie Story

Whood Brooklyn sunnies, vintage white dress, Roberto Cavalli watch, Bibi bag, Coccinelle pouch, Stradivarius espadrilles and Iconemesis iphone case (buy,HERE)

What’s your relationship with social media? 

Back in the days, social media isn’t a part of a lifestyle. Fast forward on this present day, if you don’t have an instagram or facebook you might be living on a cave. True. Adapting with time and the changes it brings really matter, you sleep looking at your phone and wake-up with it the next day. I mean having a phone is a necessity just like having an internet connection at home. It’s absurb but it happens on our everyday lives. 2011 I bought a new iphone and it’s still in an excellent condition up to now. Since I need it for the blog and to communicate with my family so as to navigate around town. I make sure I buy a durable case for it. Budget-wise, I prefer purchasing a reasonable price case like the previous one I had. If you noticed on my instagram, I love posting breakfast and flowers – I am ultimately addicted to it! But I seldom do selfies. So when I saw this coffee collection case from Iconemesis, a bubble thought immediately appears above my head and it says that it’s a grab! It’s a British brand who teamed with international illustrators who personally sketch the designs of the cases. I like that my case was a work of art by Lily an Illustrator from Singapore who likes to draw using her pencils and watercolors while sipping coffee at a quaint cafè. Just think about it, before this case become a product it has pass through some delicate hands, which really capture my attention. I treat my phone like a friend or a companion. Now I am happy that this pal got a new home and that means we will have more years together! 
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