City Guide: 5 fun things to do in Milan this summer

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1.  Ride a bike – Navigate the city by pedaling around. Believe me walking from one place to another is so tiresome so riding a bike will save you more subway tickets and will give you more time to enjoy the places of your interest without time constraint.You can rent this bike anywhere in the city.
2. Visit Piazza Della Scala – This is a must see place in Milan being one of the most famous theatres in the world. Long ago when going to operas are as important as going to the cinemas now, La Scala is the place where the rich and the famous go. In front you can see the statue of Leonardo da Vinci. 
3. Eat some gelato – It won’t be an Italian summer if your don’t try some ice cream. I find this one’s interesting. Cones that look like macaroons and inside they will put the gelato. There are really unique kiosks in from of the 4. Castello Sforcesco  –that sell many food and drinks. You got to visit this place which used to be the home for the king and queen of Milan and of course don’t miss the fountain! 
5. Duomo di Milano – You couldn’t say you set foot in Milan if your hadn’t been to Duomo. Light a candle inside and say your intention, they said it will likely come true. Go up the Duomo rooftop, see the Milan landscape and touch the skies!
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21 thoughts on “City Guide: 5 fun things to do in Milan this summer

  1. Yes, these are my fail-safe things to do in the city when I have friends to come and visit 🙂 I also recently went to Villa Necchi Campiglio which was absolutely gorgeous and such a great experience, I'd recommend it to anyone! I blogged about it recently if you want more information 🙂 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua : Life in Italy


    1. Ciao mom murano charm,

      Tnx a lot! You can subscribe through mail on the lower left side of the blog you can find follow blog via mail or follow through wordpress on the lower right side.
      Have a great one!



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