mitchumm + hipanema ss15 press day

mitchumm industries

Around 6:30 p.m. I entered the Cashmere Showroom and Sara Biondi was there who welcomed me at the entrance. I was all smiles of this kindly gesture. She introduced me to Alex Mitchum, the Creative Director behind the brand. Then I feasted my eyes around some  old L.A. books which immediately excite me thinking of the whole summer. A few Mitchumm old magazine campaigns hanging on the wall caught my attention, I assumed they’re published in the 80’s when the brand became famous in the US. I somehow found this love for vintage jump out of my heart through this old paper adds and it’s like scanning through Ogilvy’s Advertising book – if you know what I mean? I admire that they were spontaneous to add the brand’s philosophy on the label attached on the clothes which was passed by it’s founders since 1976.

“It’s all about making beautiful and comfortable clothes for you, my friend, creating everyday something cool and fresh. “

I thought my curiosities will stop there but the miniature vans were too cute to skip, especially that there were also small surf boards on the car top racks. With all these decorations, in some ways set-up the summer ambiance where you need pieces that you can wear from the beach and back to the city, from the long road trips to the office and from campings back to your homes. Mitchumm was so intuitive enough to think of this concept for their Spring-Summer 2015. The surfing shorts perhaps paired with anchor print shirt and then again you can use that shirt to pair with paper boat print trousers and then top it again with a jumper when summer nights become a bit chilly. You can also accessorized with coconut tree brooch, a papillon or a colored tie and if you feel like a gentleman you can brushed your look with a nice panama hat!  Conforming to snobbish silk worms from Lake Como that only eat mulberry leaves, Mitchumm is also dainty to choose their fabrics that came from this silk and scenery capital. Only rich textured textile were hand picked to match their designs and sewn sartorially by Italian tailors. Which brought me to my hypothesis that this American brainchild fueled by made in Italy know-how is truly a match made in heaven!

hipanema 12
Alex Mitchum, Mitchumm Industries Creative Director

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After a few chats with some bloggers friends during the event. I talked to Geraldine Alasio who shared about Hipanema’s SS15 Collection. Hipanema is a French brand brought about by two blonds’ travel passion from Paris to Rio. Their signature must-have bracelets pave a way to develop more detailed conscious pieces like their bikinis and espadrilles.

“A very minty and exciting collection that will surely thrill a hot summer over mojitos – like the ones they served!”

I just love their legendary copacabana bracelets with stones, beads and shells. These are the ethnic inspired arm candies you won’t get tired of wearing on your coast to coast travels and even bringing them on your urban life. The lightness of the sundress to the kimonos and to the straw bags, can really paint a happy summer. This collection literally itches me for a dive to the tropicals. What about you? What summer sensation did you feel? Which piece do you want to bring on your suitcase?

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