Istituto di Bellezza – Pygor Launching Party

Mango Vest and H&M X Anna Dello Russo

Lately me and two other bloggers Sophia and Kristina hosted  the launching party for Istituto di Bellezza – Pygor at Via Rossini 5. We had fun meeting other bloggers and chatting over champagne. Hope you’ll have fun watching the video as much as I do! Thanks to Gilmar for the videos and photos of the event.  I am wearing Mango vest shirt and wedge, Zara oversized pants and H&M x Anna Dello Russo bangles and clutch.  What do you think,  was my outfit party-ready?

Mango vestZara oversized pantspygor 2pygorpygor milan

pygor milan italy 1pygor milan italypygor milan 7pygor milan 4pygor milan 3pygor milanpygor milan 19 pygor milan 8pygor milan 5 pygor milan 11 pygor milan 10pygor milan 1pygor milan 15pygor milan 21pygor milan 12


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