Esprit Memories

Almost everyday, you can see me on my blue jeans. This would probably explain how comfortable I am wearing it while I am working. I would understand why this became the working clothes for the Americans which had an egalitarian influence although-out the world. One of my unforgettable denim piece is a pair of straight jeans from Esprit that I bought at Hutchison Whampoa Garden in Hongkong. I had drew a blank about it over the years but I won’t fail to remember how I desired for those embroidered dragons and flowers all over it. So, that was my first ever purchase when I got my first paycheck after graduation. Esprit is a Californian brand founded by Tompkins couple in the 60’s who once sew their garments from their yard and sell it on their neighborhood with the use of their VW bus – now they’re an international label. This was the history I’ve learned about them that were written on the recycled paper attached on their labels when I bought the jeans. However, back in the 80’s when the high street European brands weren’t available yet they’d already dressed-up kids like me. My dad who used to work overseas as a sailor would then bring us home some Esprit t-shirts and that’s how me and my siblings started our love for the brand. I am glad that Esprit is also available here in Italy at This week I’ve gotten a call from a client to curate his restaurant and on the video I’ll bring you with me on this experience. I  was wearing a total Esprit-inspired look starting with crochet kimono, cotton top and a pair of mommy jeans with handcrafted sorbet needleworks. A very fresh, young look and yet with carefree attitude that translates my Milanese summer. A summer filled with light clothes, soothing breakfast and happy moments that somehow we may forget but our hearts will surely remember!

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