Whood Brooklyn Easy One Speaker

whood brooklyn easy speaker

The perfect golden hour is most of the time capture during summer. During this time of the year, we hunger for the outdoor, the sun and embrace the nature. Perhaps to go to the beach or at the park to relax and listen to the music and feed your soul. Months before you saw me wearing the Coney Island Whood Brooklyn sunglasses in ebony wood frame that I repeatedly wear had gave me the chance of knowing the brand by heart. Aside from the fact that the core material of all their products were made in wood, they’re also capable of thinking forward how wood can keep up with technology.

 “The Whood Brooklyn Easy One Speaker had pulled my attention in terms of portability, size (dimensions D64-H60mm), compatibility with any bluetooth  device (smartphone, tablet, PC), range (can cover up to 10 meters away from your device) with playback time of  five hours, 100% natural Zebra wood and super light weight. “

To operate: 1. open your bluetooth on the settings of your phone 2. slide your speaker to bluetooth mode  3. pair your bluetooth phone and speaker 4. and whalah play your music! It has an excellent quality audio and it’s easy to bring anywhere you want to go for summer, either on long road trips or bbq at the pool. Heart the video and share this post if you like the mtv that we created. Now let’s get the party started – hands up and touch the sky!

Rosaly Escueta X Whood Brooklyn from Rosaly Escueta on Vimeo.

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