Italian Summer

sheinside dress 4H&M Conscious Collection earings and bag, Sheinside dress (buy HERE), Katiuscia Made in Italy Shoes

Flower crown, white crochet dress, a pair of glitter pointed heels and a breathtaking view of Milan! I am truly enjoying my Italian summer – are you? I am glad this year in my city, it’s not so hot and humid compare to last year’s and most days of the week we have rain. So, we’re lucky our roses are still blooming and got a handful of them and made a fresh crown of flowers. I love the off-white and pink tones of these roses. They added a delicate touch on my look and somehow reflecting the crochet flowers on my dress. Also the contrast of their sizes is like imperfect being perfect to my eyes!

sheinside lace dresssheinside lace dress copyh&m conscious collection earingssheinside dres 1h&m conscious bagsheinside dress 5kattiuscia made in italy shoessheinside dresssheinside dress 2

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