About Rosaly Escueta: Frequently Asked Questions

about rosaly escueta

After blogging for quite a while, I thought you might want to know more about me. So I asked Pranay Jaitly, a good friend of mine from Who Wore What When blog to asked me the “frequently asked questions” that my readers may want me to answer. So, relax and enjoy the video. If you have more questions in mind, don’t hesitate to hit me on the comment box below. Also I am sharing to you the behind the scene production. Special thanks to Shounak Amonkar for directing this short film, Dhani Bakshi for styling me, Caryne Magbanua for my hair and make-up and Gilmar Taebas for the photos and video. I love working with people and I am so happy to have found the right crew on board with me on this small project. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. Now, I can’t wait to hear your comments – xx Rosaly

Rosaly Escueta from Rosaly Escueta on Vimeo.

rosaly escueta 1about rosalyabout rosaly backstage crewbackstage about rosalywho wore what whenbackstage about rosalystreet photographers in milanthe milano mode

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