MFW SS15 DAY 2 at Furla, Sciumè, Jessica Choay, Trapaso, Mauro Gasperi and Paula Cademartori

cos coat autumn-winter 2014Spektre sunglasses, Stradivarius crop-top and shoes, Zara jeans and COS coat

MFW SS15 DAY 2 Diary

They said that New York is a state of mind, but really I am feeling it at this photo. A rooftop, a perfect view of your neighborhood and the air and the sun kissing your skin!  MFW second day for me is like a marathon, I did six presentations and decided to retire for the day after that. Furla impressed me with their perspective of a bag as an artist’s canvas, Sciumè with it’s new collection of edgy-one-of-a-kind jewelry really feed my sharp taste for sophisticated accessories, Jessica Choay whose dress I’ve wore before was as je ne sais quoi as the silhouettes and soft and transparent fabrics of her new collection, Trapaso was a new brand I met with playfulness, dragonfly details and well research materials, Mauro Gasperi‘s dresses, if it was a fashion show might have been a standing ovation; this guy knows to sculpt a woman’s physique and yet never forgetting the wearability of each piece and Paula Cademartori always makes an electrifying presentation, this gal has an eye on how to mix colors, shapes and materials; from cushiony leather to silver bag hardwares and this season she’s debuting her medium sized backpacks – those you always want to carry around!

I tell you, it’s not easy keeping-up with my schedule that’s why on presentations I run around with loafers or flat shoes and on fashion shows with a nice pair of heels.  You may think that the life of a blogger is so glamorous and all, the truth is it’s all sweat and hardwork. However, the best part is meeting many acquaintances that has become friends. Make sure to be there when I post day three – I am sure it’s one hell of a ride!













IMG_0918IMG_0910IMG_0919 IMG_0920IMG_0913furla ss15cropped-furla1.jpgfurla ss15 2IMG_0927furla ss15 1COS coat aw14IMG_0987IMG_0988IMG_0989IMG_0992IMG_1008IMG_1002IMG_1012IMG_1019IMG_1021IMG_1022IMG_1024mauro gasperiIMG_1058IMG_1061IMG_1067IMG_1053IMG_1075IMG_1071IMG_1062mauro gasperiIMG_1073COS COAT autumn 2014IMG_1038IMG_1033IMG_1032IMG_1039IMG_1031IMG_1030IMG_1029IMG_1028IMG_1027IMG_1026IMG_1042IMG_1050paula cademartori ss15 bagsIMG_1041cos coat

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