Armour Piece from Sciumé Accessori

sciumè accessori

What’s your armour piece?

Audacious. Confident. Charming. The woman I always want to see in the mirror when I wake-up every morning.  Never afraid to face the world and ready to accept the challenges of her urban life. It’s exactly the same language this armour piece from -> Sciumé Accessori tells me. Although inspired from the Amazonian’s and the Goddesses of the Greek mythology, it narrates about a story of every woman that comes from every walks of life. A story of her that once in her life she has an armour, a single amulet  –  that gives her the power to be the woman she wants to be. I’d like to hear what accessory piece empowers you? What’s your armour piece?

sciumè accessori 1sciumé braceletsciume accesori braceletsciumè accessori 3scime accesori

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