Je m’en fous

je m'en fous

Je m’en fous SS15

“I can’t believe how you look at me with your James Dean glossy eyes”

Gaga’s song seem to under fade on the background as I went to this beautiful rooftop of Je m’en fous. Filled with the collection for next spring-summer. It kind of reminded of James Dean, the rebel with a cause. -> Je m’en fous pronounced as Jer (soft J)mon fo means “I don’t care.” It’s some sort of a strong statement on a positive way – a rebel with a cause.  Giulia Zoppas the creative mind behind the brand knows how to stick to her guts! Me looking closely to the prints, braid works and fabrics, and my mind battling  on the contrast yet alluring how they can combine the popping colors and cherry-picked every trimmings and details. This collection has a very strong potential capturing the irreverent taste of women to be elegant, unique and sophisticated. These are mix and match pieces that you can wear from the beach to the city. Versatile yet eclectic pieces that you can use season after season. Pieces that you can keep over time without worrying that they might end-up at the back of your closet. Very impressive research and combination of materials from the multi-colored summer tweed mixing it with pure white cotton. I love the carefree attitude of this brand, not conforming to any trend, yet through it’s signatured look you can identify it.

I need a credit card that has no limit and spend every dime on this collection – if only I could. Oops, I shouldn’t spilled the beans. Let me just instead borrow the famous line from “Jack and the Beanstalk,”  Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he alive, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread. Although, I don’t know why I said that – Je m’en fous!

 Je m'en fous 6Je m'en fous 7Je m'en fous 8Je m'en fous 4Je m'en fous 9Je m'en fous 10 Je m'en fous 11Je m'en fous 12 Je m'en fous 15Je m'en fous 16Je m'en fous 17Je m'en fous 3Je m'en fous 13 Je m'en fous 22Je m'en fous 27Je m'en fous 26Je m'en fous 1Je m'en fous 29Je m'en fous 30Je m'en fous 32Je m'en fous 31Je m'en fous 33 Je m'en fous 34 Je m'en fous 35Je m'en fous 18Je m'en fous 20Je m'en fous 21 Je m'en fous 2

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