How to wear an Alice band?

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Alice band or headband?

Alice band or headband? What’s the right term? Both. It was only coined as Alice band after the character “Alice in Wonderland’s” sequel “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.”  Anyhow, I found it hard to manage my hair after I had a haircut and changed it to it’s original dark chocolate or almost black color.  It’s the same problem every brunette girl might encounter.

Along this process, I’ve created a solution:

  • Choose the right headband depending on your way of dressing-up. If you are going for a classy elegant look, you can just choose black  with fantasy, jewel or opulent addition like these headbands from -> Sciumé Accessori.
  • Comb your hair and divide it into two sides. You can tie your hair and create a ponytail or in my case I made a bun adapting some runway inspirations.
  • Using a teasing comb’s metal rat tail, get a thumb size hair with a span from your thumb to your index finger,  heat your iron and create curls. You can drizzle some hairsprays to fix the curls or just leave them as they are – like I did. Then wear your headband.

I hope you learn something from my experience, surely if I discover more solutions I will share them to you. If you like this or you passed by to read tell me your hair solutions below or if you have a second share this post with your friends.  Oh, before paying at the counter for your headbands double check if they’re too tight or not. I avoid these types because if it’s too tight it can give you some undesirable headaches and if it’s too loose it will normally fall down and can be finicky. There are many comfy head gears to choose from, have a look -> here perfect to add finesse or can break you away from your normal hairdo!


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