Circolo Rossini 3 Campaign

A quiet little place and have a drink or two . . .

Palazzo del Via Rossini, 3, Milano  – where the late 18th century architecture is still alive on it’s facade, a muffled place for private club members to dine and drink, where the chef will cook for you and serve it steaming on your plate, to listen to jazz music or a man playing on a piano or simply a charming rendezvous.  Brunches on weekends and curated menus on weekdays, ah this is what Circolo Rossini 3 is all about!

So I begin writing the story for this campaign, a dandy look for guy with rich textured clothing bleeding with elegance and a romantic gal with classic look, divergent printed dress with braids and dainty flowerette. The guy’s whole look immediately pointed me to the -> MITCHUMM Industries style, a mixed between vintage and contemporary menswear aesthetics. While on the gal’s look, I resourced for an idyllic look where I asked for rare In Dress accessories from -> IMARIKA Boutique and classic Gianni Chiarini shoes and opted  for a well-chiselled silhouette dress from Joyce Uche from -> Terenzi Communications. In a time with sumptuous class and nostalgic ambience in an intense encounter between a glass of fine wine and exchange of glances. I hope you feel in love on this campaign as much I do and my team.

I’ld like to applaud my team’s effort and for giving their best on this special project. I may not specify every bits and pieces but I love the team spirit and talent that you showed. Kudos to all of you!

Videographer GILMAR TAEBAS
Make-up and Grooming CARYNE MAGBANUA

in collaboration with
MITCHUMM Industries
Terenzi Communications

mitchumm industries autum-winter 2014joyce uche dressmitchumm industries fall-winter lookcircolo rossini 3 10mitchumm industries 1

mitchumm industries dandy lookcircolo rossini 3 5Circolo Rossini 3 1circolo rossini 3 6mitchumm industries 13Circolo Rossini 3circolo rossini 3 11circolo rossini 3 9circolo rossini 3 7in dressmitchumm industries 12

mitchumm industries 11mitchumm industries jacketcircolo rossini 3 2circolo rossini 3 4Mitchumm Industriescircolo rossini 3 20

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