MITCHUMM Industries x

Brit Dandy. American Hipster . Italian Cool

I could tell you on and on  about the history of -> MITCHUMM Industries etc. but let me cut the shit and go straight to the point. For this shoot, me and my team would like to capture the true DNA of the brand. Hence, we chose to create a character for each models: a Brit dandy, an American hipster and an Italian cool. I thought of “The New Kids on the Block” a group of young men who knows how to dressed out-of-the-ordinary which was half-way from vintage to contemporary.  Men who appreciate how a rich textured fabric can put them on ease. Men who mastered the art of accessorizing by the use of contrasting papillons and mixing them with original hand prints. With the styling we showcased the collection for fall-winter 2014 and here for the first time you’ll see we had the first exclusivity of the preview of spring-summer 2015 t-shirt. It has not been presented yet and we are so privileged that it’s us who got the first touch for this. The t-shirt is one of the must-haves for the warm months. Mainly, it’s one of the first pieces that the brand made when it was first founded in the US. The brand with two palm trees, that recalls the sporty Californian lifestyle and a tribute to the Hollywood actor Robert Mitchum. Today, it’s flagship store stands at the heart of Como and since it’s imported from the US, it has become an Italian brand and at the same time – a global brand. Currently, it’s distributed all over Italy, Europe, Asia and Japan through selected multi-brand stores. Thanks to the wit and personal taste of Alex Mitchumm, the creative director of the brand and son of the founder Daniele. Now, Mitchumm has developed to be a very sound and strong brand that has been making menswear statement for the last 30 years. After a successful collaboration with MITCHUMM Industries -> here again I am proud of this second project and to lead this talented team

Videographer GILMAR TAEBAS

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