x Milena / Sonia Trapasso | Treasure Makers since 1880


Let’s admit it – in each one of us there is a character of Alice. A girl who loves looking for treasures, a girl who loves to look unique by being her true personality. Today we will talk about Milena / Sonia Trapasso, a jewelry brand that was currently featured on Vogue Accessories and has been making treasure jewelries since 1880. The prized material of the brand comes from the family’s age-old discovery of Ginestra. Almost lost but thanks to their passion, it was put back to life. Ginestra is a blooming plant which can be found more on their native Calabria. That’s why this collection was named Ginestrae Collection. The fabric from the plant was woven by hands in an ancient, slow and tiring process. Once the precious fabric was made it will then be interciated by cherry-picked semi-precious stones with double pearl closure to complete the jewelry. The must-haves for this collection are the collier and the dragonfly earrings but the dragonfly choker is also a topnotch piece! 

Thanks to my team:

Videographer GILMAR TAEBAS
Make-up | Grooming CARYNE MAGBANUA

Special thanks to ELENA COLANTONE PR

milenasoniatrapassomilena:sonitrapassoMilenaSoniaTrapasso 1MilenaSoniaTrapasso 4MilenaSoniaTrapasso 3MilenaSoniaTrapassoMilenaSoniaTrapasso 5MilenaSoniaTrapasso 6MilenaSoniaTrapasso 2MilenaSoniaTrapasso 8sara miusis

MilenaSoniaTrapasso 11MilenaSoniaTrapasso 12MilenaSoniaTrapasso 18MilenaSoniaTrapasso 16MilenaSoniaTrapasso 13MilenaSoniaTrapasso 14trapasso jewelsMilenaSoniaTrapasso 15MilenaSoniaTrapasso 17MilenaSoniaTrapasso 9

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