Frankie Morello Spring-Summer 2015

frankie morello


I hate to break this but I love more the Frankie Morello menswear designs more than the women’s – for this collection. Perhaps I love to wear strong pieces like black skinny jeans and printed shirts. Frankie this time wants to break the internet by speaking through a language of fashion. This is to rework multiple aesthetics and cultural references. He uses the Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni to provoke a sense of personal and social commitment. Making art as the main tool to use and to fight against intellectual aloofness. By fusing the ancient Italian statues with macro prints that somehow tells about that it’s time to reset the monitor to start building something new. However, I appreciate that they opted for comfy flats, sneakers and loafers for women which give a lacks, serene and multifunctional shoe wear. Technical rubber sandals with a leather sole and with laced classic lines that makes the upper colorful and alive. Frankie did not disappoint me for my love of colors because this time the palettes are orange, blue, white and gray, interspersed. Surely, the backpacks are something to look forward to next season!

frankie morello 53frankie morello 46frankie morello 51frankie morello 47frankie morello 50frankie morello 49frankie morello 37frankie morello 38frankie morello 41frankie morello 42frankie morello 45frankie morello 49 54frankie morello 54frankie morello 1frankie morello 5frankie morello 7frankie morello 6frankie morello 13frankie morello 8frankie morello 14frankie morello 17frankie morello 15frankie morello 18frankie morello 16frankie morello 19frankie morello 22frankie morello 23frankie morello 24frankie morello 25frankie morello 26frankie morello 28frankie morello 29frankie morello 30frankie morello 31frankie morello 32frankie morello 21frankie morello 33frankie morello 34frankie morello 35frankie morello 36frankie morello ss 2015

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