Rosaly Escueta x Je m’en fous


“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

– Oscar Wilde

From the young age, I always battle for being the dark-skinned in the family. In school, I have insecurities that I kept. At my previous job, I always had different aspirations. That while writing this, I could hear Taylor Swift singing on the background, “Cause baby I could build a castle, Out of all the bricks they threw at me, And every day it’s like battle.” Not long after, I realized I am just like any other girl and came in terms with it. I know since then I always have a small voice inside of me, telling me not to be afraid of showing who I am and for striving to becoming what I want to be. Migrating from other countries is hard but for me it has become a gift rather than a course. Here people love dark skin, thus, converting my insecurities into acceptance and my aspirations turning into realities. During the first week of the month, I went to the presentation of -> Je m’en fous, a brand that for a short span of time I came to know by heart. Once again, it’s liberating that there are brands out there that can relate to consumers not only by the clothes that they designed but also by their brand values. Of having the perspective to resonate to their audience, of paying attention to them rather than producing goods that’s been dictated by the mainstream fashion. Today me and my team, initiated a video that sounded to be my personal style and that also mirrors the brand’s attitude.  My makeup is very light, nude lips and highlighted eyes. On the video, we will also show you my genuine love for double-breasted jacket and a pair of trousers for morning meetings, casual jeans and printed parka for aperitif with my friends and elegant mini-dress for evening events – and translating the beauty of  each piece into my own. This is beauty of being true to oneself and not listening to the noise of others. To those who told you, that you’re not good enough, now be brave and stick your middle finger to them! The price of being authentic is being comfortable and not minding what other people will say, of not being the better version of others, but by being the best version of yourself!

Thanks to my team:

Videographer | Photographer GILMAR TAEBAS
Make-up | Grooming CARYNE MAGBANUA
Styling Jacopo Marchetti

Special Thanks to Lorenza, Giulia, Donata, Bibo, Luisa and Nadia!

Today’s outfits are available at Je m’en fous Shop at Via Solferino, 12 20121 Milan (MI) Tel. +39 02 63793911 or online -> here

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je m'en fous suit

3  Important Pointers of Dressing from Morning to Night 

* notes from my stylist *


I chose the matching jacket-pants because it is the symbol of work. The color is simple and formal, but the pink border and the ballerina make it light.   get this look -> jacket & trousers  -> cashmere shirt , -> bag , shoes

 je m'en fousje m'en fous bagje m'en fous 6


The parka is the highlight of the collection. It’s fun, it is high quality and it differs from other parkas from other brands. The red color valorize the pattern of the fabric.  get this look -> parka -> sweater with fringe , jeans,  slippers

 je m'en fous 10je m'en fousje m'en fous jacketje m'en fous shoesje m'en fous 8je m'en fous  parka

je m'en fous 5je m'en fous 9je m'en fous 11je m'en fous 2je m'en fous parka red


The mini dress is embellished with beaded embroidery on the neckline and therefore, is suitable for the evening. It can be worn by a young girl to  a “lady” or of any women of any age. With a clutch and a pair of high-heeled shoes you get a stylish outfit for the evening. get this look -> mini dress , leather leggings, shoulder bag, heels

je m'en fous 15je m'en fousJE M'EN FOUS 0je m'en fous black top