x Vladimiro Gioia

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

One of the best parts of making this project are working with people, having the right talents and getting the best crew! I don’t want to just shoot and take photos of people wearing clothes, I want to bring something extra on the table. This time, I conceptualized of three sisters having fun, having that special bond and having that great moment together. Since winter is already on the door we thought of letting them wear the best quality fur made in Italy by Vladimiro Gioia. Truth be told that the Gioia furs are probably the top furs on the globe having the immaculate crafting of garmets, the mixing of colors and patterns and the soft and warm caress of these coats for the cold months. To give more character on each girls we let them wear glasses and bracelets from Al e Ro Designs. Check-out the short film that we prepared for you, we are sure you’ll love to have fun, too!

Producer | Photographer ROSALY ESCUETA
Videographer GILMAR TAEBAS
Fashion Assistant TEODORA KOEVA
                                  Special Thanks to AL e Ro design, Pink&Chic and logistics support by Club Rossini 3.

vladimiro gioia 15Vladimiro Gioia 2vladimiro gioia 12al e ro designsvladimiro gioia 5ale e ro design braceletvladimiro gioia 12vladimiro gioia 13Vladimiro GioiaVladimiro Gioia 5Vladimiro Gioia 7Vladimiro Gioia 9Vladimiro Gioia 4Vladimiro Gioia 8vladimiro gioia 11Vladimiro Gioia 11Vladimiro Gioia 13Vladimiro Gioia 12Vladimiro Gioiasome photos were also taken by Taebas and Koeva

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