Sound Tru with Gaia Trussardi


Meeting Gaia

. . . and the winner is Pretty Vegas!!! It was announced last week at an exclusive event at the Cafe Trussardi alla Scala here in Milan. Sound Tru was aimed to raise awareness of new and emerging artists and rock bands here and internationally.

The band won after being filtered from the 40 bands who were under the microscope by high caliber panel of judges with whom includes Creative Director of Trussardi Gaia Trussardi, A&R Warner Music Italy Manager Enrico Romano, A&R Warner Music Italy Marketing Manager Sara Andreani and Music Consultant of Rolling Stone Italy Michele Bisceglia. 

It was an evening of rock and roll and a great experience meeting Gaia Trussardi in person. She was very charming and I like her rock personality! She is also a big inspiration to me for bringing forward the family tradition of Trussardi to the world by staying true to her origins, the Italian Identity and love for music. During the night I also met the girl behind the blog Peace Love Shea from the US who was so warm and nice. But of course with my pal Michela Paltrini, fashion blogger and style coach from Fashionable blog. I adore the nuance of lavender she wore that night. 

Kudos to Trussardi for translating fashion into music, but above all for giving a lifetime chance for the new rock generation! May we have more of you!


I am wearing Grinko Fall-Winter 2014 dress.

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