Rosaly Escueta x Keepout Bracelets & More

The Promise of a Thimble


I count my blessings and name them one by one. I have no game plan for 2015 but I want to welcome this year so much gratitude in my heart. 2014 was quiet a year of meeting new acquaintances who later become friends, collaborating with brands that define my personal aesthetics and working day by day in transforming this blog into my vision. I know there’s so much work to be done like a promise that one has to continue to pledge and commit.

Last Christmas I received a beautiful silver sterling bracelet with a red thimble from KeepOut. A thimble is a tool used by tailors inserted in the index finger for sewing in order not to get hurt with a needle. In south America, however, they give them to their grandchildren. A custom that promises them to be protected from all sorts of misfortunes and same promise was adapted by the brand to pass good luck to the bearer. That’s why the packaging was like a big match holder, a metaphor to “keep-out” of fire or danger. But inside is a beautiful promise that dates back thousands of years from a sweet legend – a promise to be shielded from anything against evil. A small treasure that can be handed down from generation to generation bringing forward in time it’s sacred word of affirmation.

The bracelet I am wearing is part of the limited capsule collection dedicated to grandmothers who were the first to pass on the “promise of a thimble.” Mine was called Grandmother Maria which, by coincidence, was also the name of my grandma on my Dad’s side. That makes me close my eyes and remember her by heart sitting on her rocking chair. Thanks for making me remember you grandma, you still cares about me although you’re in heaven! Oh well, I guess I am starting the year off right with this lucky charm! With a thimble on my wrist that can sense every beat of my pulse that connects to my heart, 2015 will surely be a promising year that listens to my heart’s desire. I hope it will to you, too!


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