Micheal Kors Spring Summer 2015

Micheal Kors press day

Michael Kors Press Day


Last night, I was watching this movie of two girls sleeping in the dead of winter in a middle of nowhere, their lips frosted and their spirits sunken but their hope untarnished. The next day they woke-up with birds chirping, sun kissing their cheeks and flower buds blooming. It is spring!

Now that is the same feeling I want to transmit over the screen when I saw the Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2015 on my recent visit on their showroom. The color tones of yellow, purple, scarlet, green, turquoise and neutrals  are so welcoming. Somewhat awakening from the dark colors of winter and transitioning to the wonderful palettes of spring and summer!

There are so much labor on hand sewn flower patches, embroidery and paillettes. He played so much on texture and the fluidity of the fabrics but not forgetting the American sartorial-flair. Kors who describe this collection as “optimistic chic” because according to him “chicness” was once define in the dark 50’s era as discouraging. He also said the some fashion people said that you have to be “sad” or “serious” to be chic. However, he wanted to redefine chicness and emphasized that “it’s not the case.”

In some case, it can be daunting but it’s better to turn this obscurity into rose-colored glasses! He was inspired by the silhouettes of the 50’s. He needed to translate this charming period into something adaptable into the busy-fast life that we have today.  Like having a blank canvas and getting a piece of that from the past and incorporating that to the modern times and the result is a masterpiece. Just like having the best of both worlds!

For the record, I used to pass by the building of MK’s showroom and I wonder what was there inside? Now, I know.


Ralph Lauren jacket, Yamamay body, H&M Conscious palazzo pants, Aldo ankle boots and Micheal Kors Selma bag


Micheal Kors SS15 3Micheal Kors SS15 4Micheal Kors SS15 7    Micheal Kors SS15 30Micheal Kors SS15 29Micheal Kors SS15 26 Micheal Kors SS15 27 Micheal Kors dress SS15Micheal Kors SS15 25Micheal Kors SS15 23Micheal Kors SS15 22Micheal Kors SS15 19Micheal Kors SS15 21Micheal Kors SS15 20Micheal Kors SS15Micheal Kors SS15 16Micheal Kors SS15 13Micheal Kors SS15 2Micheal Kors SS15 17 Micheal Kors SS15 15  Micheal Kors SS15 14Micheal Kors SS15 11Micheal Kors SS15 33Micheal Kors SS15 36Micheal Kors SS15 38Micheal Kors SS15 31Micheal Kors SS15 8Micheal Kors SS15 6Micheal Kors SS15 37Micheal Kors SS15 35Micheal Kors SS15 34Micheal Kors SS15 32Micheal Kors SS15 37 copyMicheal Kors SS15 39Micheal Kors SS15 dress comboMicheal Kors SS15 bagIMG_4727IMG_4652IMG_4785IMG_4711IMG_4712IMG_4773IMG_4716IMG_4715IMG_4718Micheal Kors SS15 denimIMG_4729IMG_4734IMG_4736

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