Rosaly Escueta x Matthew Calvin Jewelry

matthew calvin necklace




It just feel so damn good wearing this Matthew Calvin meteorite pendant rose gold necklace! Just imagine how I jumped with joy the time I knew there was a Royal Mail for me when I got home that day.  Yes, this precious 18 carat rose gold plated sterling silver came from London – oh God bless the Queen! This huge surprise didn’t really came from her but from the designer himself – Matthew Calvin. I think I wanna wear that smiling big eyes with open mouth emoji – huh.

Even the packaging looks very expensive. All black. Minimal. Of course, the best part was opening the jewelry box. Then I’ll let you guess what emoji I was feeling. Ok, drum rolls! The first act was certainly to touch the pendant. I went near the window and opened the curtain. It was impossible during winter time to have the sun up but luckily that day a small ray of sunshine passed through the pendant and I can see it formed a spectra. The chain was about 19 inches long with a logo engraved before the closure. Well, I think some of you had seen it on my social media – see here. 

I was very happy wearing it for a few days and then I went back to the box. A small bottle came rolling! Oh, my G! Two big eyes emoji, puh-lease. Inside, was a pair of small meteorite bar earring also in rose gold! I almost got a heart attack. Now, it’s double happiness! It was wrapped finely on an opaque paper, that it looks invisible inside the box. The bars were 18 carat sterling silver with hammered finish that were about 10 millimeters in length.  I was bloody screaming within because of mixed emotions – oh, hail the Queen!

Sincerely, what I like about this jewelry was the way it was handcrafted. Highest quality. Wearable. Pleasing. In front of my apartment, there was this Italian artisan that I used to see almost everyday welding his accessories and after sometime he will display them on the window. If it’s handcrafted, I am sure there were imperfections even on the pendants. However, this one I can’t seem to see a defect.  I am not very informed about British trinkets but for now on I will keep an eye them, especially this one!

I am quite superstitious and creative with my thought process. So let me break it this way. They said meteorites are falling stars. And when you see a falling star, what do you do? You close you eyes and make a wish, no? Then, wait for it to come true. In my case, I don’t need to wait for it to fall from the skies. I am already wearing it on my neck, on my ears. Although, it wasn’t sent from the heavens but it came through a package from the Royal Mail!

photographer | L. Escueta

COS blue vest

Matthew Calvin meteorite pendant 18ct rose gold necklace | put on your cart HERE

Matthew Calvin small meteorite 18ct rose gold bar  earrings | put on your cart HERE

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