x TwentyFive T-shirts x Alessandro Grimoldieu

grimoldieu jewels


Shooting people is quite becoming of a challenge for me now. Sometimes, I am drain-out of concepts. But I guess that’s just a human tendency. I always like the idea of shooting friends or anyone with special bonding. Capturing the best moment is a wonderful feeling! That’s why I thought of creating a brotherhood bond. I only have a brother so I don’t really know how two brothers interact together. On this shoot we’re featuring the TwentyFive t-shirts by designer Luca Colzani. It’s a unisex brand made of 100 % cotton. I think you’ve seen me wore this t-shirt on my social media. Personally, I can say that it’s nice on the body, great fitting and soft fabric. It’s uniquely designed and you can wear it all year-round. I am also a fan of strong pieces of jewelry like that of designer Alessandro Grimoldieu. Grimoldieu jewels are refined original designs that give personal character to the person who wears it but far from the mass produced accessories. I love that the rings can look like a little medieval-armour like the limited edition ring by model and blogger Jean Luc Salathiel Meledje in collaboration with this brand. It’s called “soul direction” which give homage to an ancient relic like a “tooth.” I also love that jewels have a secret code for you to break because they give meaning and appeal, that one’s you have them, you can’t stop wearing them. Both brands are made in Italy and I guess that’s just an icing on the cake! With this outfit, all you just need is a coat and off you go to the start the Milan Men’s Fashion Week (drum rolls) so let it begins!



photographer ROSALY ESCUETA




models are wearing:

TwentyFive Roses Bleues t-shirt add to cart HERE

TwentyFive Monochrome Noir t-shirt add to cart HERE

Grimoldieu Contemporary Design ring – art double blade add to cart HERE

Dieux  X JLSM “Soul Direction” ring add to cart HERE


grimoldieu ringstwentyfive tshirtsIMG_0374IMG_0220IMG_0298IMG_0340IMG_0374IMG_0345twentyfive tshirttwentyfive tshirts and grimoldieu rings 3twentyfive tshirts 1

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