x Horo 24 KT


From the town of Monferrato in the Piedmont region of Italy, borns the idea of precious metal melt with fabrics. No one would ever thought that inside an old monastery this creative concept of unique handcrafting method by using gold stenciled in high quality textile with ever come true. With this particular technique each piece of Horo 24KT collection becomes a wearable art and jewel, at the same time. I have personally selected these two  bomber jackets, a t-shirt  and a papillon for this shoot. So as not to complicate the styling, I let them wear leather pants, classic shoes and boots because nothing beats a black total look! Which piece of gold will your wear?

photographer ROSALY ESCUETA


horo 24kt 5horo 24kt 6horo 24kt 7horo 24kt 3horo 24kt 9horo 24kt


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