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Courtyards are part of my childhood. My grandparents Spanish ancestral house was once carpeted with bermuda grass where me and my siblings will walk barefoot in the morning or lay down at night waiting for the falling stars. The more falling stars you see the more your dreams will come true, at least this was once our idea.

Last December, you remember I shared a video of our backstage shoot with the t-shirts of Federico Boschetto? An emerging young designer who graduated at Politecnico di Milano, months ago. I saw already many of his works and I particularly like his t-shirts. The t-shirts create virtual three-dimensional structures and architectural minimal; sinuous lines in geometric progression, with a rhythmic scanning between light and dark, with the objective of heightened perception of three-dimensionality. Made with textured fabrics, possessing the expressive power of the cement, and opaque-shiny, as if to play a surface that reflects sunlight. An architecture that becomes body adornment and at the same time, the human body that becomes architecture. The oversized create a more underground and skater look while the more tight create a more metropolitan ensemble. All fabrics are made in Italy and handsewn by himself.

Fortunately, I’ve found this hidden courtyard in the neighborhood. Concealed from the crowd inside a private1800th building, this is such a perfect location for this shooting.  It kind of remind me of my old’s courtyard but this one has an Italian charm. A primary meeting place to talk, to hang-out or even to vent smoke. Boschetto’s design resonates a bit of this residential architecture. From the grey and black shades of the torned wall paints and the matte fabrics that pretty much reflects the open space, ready for the night to fall and see the shining stars above!

rings by Alessandro Grimoldieu

t-shirts by Federico Boschetto

photographer ROSALY ESCUETA



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