Sporty Spice and Everything Nice

lotto leggenda sneakers red



I am back and I am ready to be on top! I am just kidding guys – lol. I am just shaping-up and ready to show you some moves. My early morning exercise seems to yield some great results.  Weight has always been a  big challenge for me and my round-heart face. Put that together, you’ll arrive on an equation that is difficult to solve. I come to realize that it’s important to take care of the body as it’s also taking care of my health. Last summer, I went home in the Philippines and looked into some old photos and you bet I was size 38 then.

Five years passed and I’ve gained a lot of weight, I’ve shredded now but I am still far from my previous size. With a lot of determination, self-discipline and spontaneity I think I can arrive on my goal. Recently, I’ve team-up with Lotto Leggenda, an Italian lifestyle footwear brand that’s also giving me more motivation towards my goal. A brand synonymous with sports for  40 years  with modern comfort on the feet but with authentic vintage  feel. I personally loved this Tokyo-Shibuya model with nylon ripstop and in ketchup color which is part of the Spring-Summer 2015 Collection.

The Tokyo collection recalls about the orient with an international appeal through the sophisticated color combination, choice of materials and the kind of print. It’s very 90’s inspired, so I figured I have to channel my favorite Spice Girl who came from the same era.  Aside from Britney Spears album, I also bought the Spice Girls’ album which was then in cassette tapes. Mel C who was nicknamed Sporty Spice was my favorite from the group, my college boardmate slash classmate slash seatmate can attest to that.  And yes, I have a great feeling 90’s style is slowly coming back!


lottolotto red sneakerslotto sneaker japan

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