Federico Boschetto x Rosaly Escueta Little Black Dress Project




Four years of blogging is like finishing a bachelor’s degree in college. Before graduating one needs to pass a thesis and perhaps make a capsule collection. So to test that learnings, me and my friend designer Federico Boschetto whom you know from our previous collaboration (see here). We once again worked for a small  design teamwork that we called “The Little Black Dress Project.”  It’s a mix of my concept and his design put together in one. However, this started with my problem of always having the thought of not having the dress for the next event or occasion. And if you don’t know what dress to pick, you always end up looking for that little black dress. Which lead me to speak to Boschetto that  I wanted to have a dress that I can wear season after season and the perfect dress I can rely whether I go to a semi-formal, black tie event, cocktail, presentation or even to watch a fashion show.  So I created a mood board to explain everything and presented to him. I think this is also the kind of solution every girl out there is looking. Alessandra, Jennifer, Fabienne, Sancha and Hendrika are somehow the first few girls who followed my journey on the blog and who grow with me in experience virtually. Although, I may not know them personally but I know that they can relate with what I am talking and I am pretty sure they got the same everyday problems like me.   Just like mature girls, it may be high time to create a solution!

The solution is that to create a little black dress with modern cut that can become a classic. Traditionally sculpting the silhouette of the body yet the avantgarde design method is evident. I had fun working with Boschetto on this project. For us, this task has a very organic process that we could never thought can end-up into a video campaign (see the campaign on youtube hereor watch below) and also into a very lovely dress that was once only a desire to have. And yet, I had the pleasure to wear it now!

Boschetto made many tentative designs but he told me that it always boils down to the kind of fabric that he is going to use.  This guy is a genius, I can affirm to that. He used jersey with some touches of silk. He cherry-picked these fabrics from an atelier selling exclusive made in Italy textiles. I also admire his sensitivity of knowing how to play with the contrast of ideas and mixing masculine and feminine with a great result! Being insightful to look effortless and getting the luxury feel of the product is incredible! In fact, we also made a behind the scenes video (see the backstage video on youtube here, or watch below) where he was really hands-on, making the pattern, cutting the fabric and sewing it into a beautiful dress!

I am twice as happy on this small project. The working process from concepting to the end product is another big achievement on my part and I am sure on Federico’s, too!  Now, I can no longer think of the parallel universe, a hypothetical self-contained separate reality co-existing with one’s own. A girl’s fantasy can only become a reality if she’s ready to go out there and get her hands dirty. It might be that this girl four years ago like you and me had cultivated over time and developed her skills and is obviously a woman now! The answer is quite given,  “Whatever the mind conceive and believe, it can achieve!”

This dress can be made to measure, if you are interested to have your bespoke Federico Boschetto x Rosaly Escueta Little Black Dress  please send me a personal email on milanomode@live.it. We want to make sure to deliver a personal and luxurious product to your closet from this time on, leave us a comment down below of what you think and  we will get back to you right away.  This project was thought not to get a profit nor compromise readership. We thought of this project to address a wardrobe problem for women and above all to feel aesthetically strong, relevant, sophisticated, classy, modern, elegant and of course beautiful – as it did to me!


CARYNE MAGBANUA, hair and make-up artist

GILMAR TAEBAS, videographer

little black dress by rosaly escueta x federico boschetto little black dress

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